Group Chairman

Mr. Chandrakant Ramchandra Sanglikar, a socialist emerged from Sangli District of Maharashtra is a legend with ethics, vision for tomorrow and genuine dream of reshaping reality. He is contributing for better tomorrow via various roadmaps on the vast atlas of property & land acquisition for over a decade. Mr. Sanglikar holds Masters in Business Administration with a feather of Law as an add-on which indeed helped him in accomplishing major business deals and ventures with better transaction and business prospects resulting every acquisition till date as a brick in a pillar of trust he achieved.
His ethical values played another vital role in helping him reach this zenith, with a contribution of true people and his practical dreams leaving benchmark for today’s generation. The landmarks of each acquisition had only become memorable with every step in satisfactory venture evaluating a colossal in major tier 2 & 3 cities including metros throughout Maharashtra, Bangalore & Goa and many emerging cities the cross nation, which helped Mr. Sanglikar to stand among highest in land acquisition in the entire competition.
The steps towards charity and social contribution always displays bright shadow of true human nature, Mr. Sanglikar proved the sense of Ancestor blessings via initiating and successfully running a educational wing & shed in-form of hostel for the future generation’s better education needs in Sangli Dristrict , Maharashtra for free of cost with no expectation of any financial returns or personal benefit , but boost of knowledge and education in next generation.